Brian Patrick Cork is a “Cultural Architect”.

He helps companies and people change the world.

“I would describe Brian Cork as the ‘Larry Bird’ of the Recruiting Business. The go-to guy when you need the thing to work. The scramble-for-the-ball, great-teammate, no-ego, championship-caliber guy.”- Robert Forrester, CEO – Green Manufacturing

“Brian, you are inspiring, supportive, flexible and a model for young entrepreneurs. Our local business community was impressed; our elevator pitch winner has now been connected with an international landmine removal company, and Radford University’s status was raised by your participation. Personally and professionally, I benefitted from your insights into people, business and the future of our global economy.  I hope we get to collaborate on a similar project in the future.” – Dr. Iain Clelland, PhD., School of Business and Economics Radford University

“Brian Cork is the perfect example of the Cultural Architect and Entrepreneur. He is bold and resourceful – balanced by a keen sense of integrity and a desire to excel.” – Raymond St. James, British Financier

Brian Patrick Cork is a trusted advisor, and has been a highly successful executive and entrepreneur, seasoned public speaker, professional athlete, and, business coach with a long history of helping leaders make better decisions. On any given day, Brian Cork speaks with and shares ideas with people ranging from politicians and educators to Fortune 50 executives and startup entrepreneurs. His Executive and Business Coaching Clients include top executives in Fortune 50 companies to professionals in transition.

Brian Cork has raised over $600 million dollars in private placement capital for a wide array of companies across every industry; recruited and counseled hundreds of executives and other decision-makers; and, has actively participated in building dozens of successful organizations.

Brian was named to London’s prestigious Ol Man Society for his contributions as a businessman and philanthropist – and, his well-balanced approach to life. In addition, he has been recognized as one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the Southeast selected by “Catalyst Magazine” as a Top 50 Entrepreneur and a Top 25 Entrepreneur, and has been named by Great Britain’s G2 economics as a Coalition Member of the Year.

In 2009 Brian rolled-out his highly anticipated “Accelerator” program where he is actively involved around incubating several disruptive technology (client) companies in the Atlanta market. In each case Brian has facilitated first-round investments, recruited best-of-class candidates, and is actively involved in establishing new business development through his network and broad range of client companies and strategic partners.

Brian has now celebrated twenty years of marriage with Joanne, and they have two daughters – Haley Anne and Emma Jo. Rowdy, the world famous Rhodesian Ridgeback, is also part of the family. Brian would submit he works so that he can indulge one of his greatest passions coaching his daughters in soccer ( where they have realized successive league championships, and numerous Cups.

In addition, he is currently researching his first books entitled “Dear God: I am Dancing In My Head”, “This Would Be Jefferson’s View”, “Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem: Why some people succeed in business and most fail”, and “The CEO Handbook”.