can one be paranoid about being mentally ill?

if one is delusional, would he know it?

if one admitted to being a pathological liar, now what? or, what does that mean?

can self-loathing be channeled into happiness, or vis-versa?

great plains indian nations (well… maybe it was other indians – but we’ve seen movies that touch on the topic) apparently thought mentally ill people were, in effect, touched by God, and should be revered. Does that mean psychosis is contagious? that’s probably stupid. or, deranged?

I’m, in truth, worried about all this, and other stuff, I might not know about. so, what does that mean?

if someone is truly interested in an authentic life, should this not be explored? every bit of it, and so much more?

peace be to my Brothers and sisters.

brian patrick cork