“We try to break the boundaries and see what we can do,” said Shaun White after winning (thus repeating) the Olympic Half-Pipe Gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. “I think we’re just tapping into what is possible. I can’t predict the future. We have to go create it. It’s a cool position to be in.”

[pause for effect]

“He only knows how to WIN!”

I love that.

I’ll admit to being naught less than a proud American. But, under no uncertain terms, Mr. White, AKA “The Flying Tomato” and/ or The Animal”, is an ass-kicker.

Oh… And, get a load of John Mayer (a decidedly different John Mayer):

Warning – difficult language ALERT. I suspect he’s controversial, simply for the sake of being controversial. So, I’ll ponder the potential effect – beyond the ironically entertaining.

Go listen to Paradise City by Guns and Roses, for full effect.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork