“Winners never quit, and quitters never win”.

Last night we saw the Indianopolis Colts throw a football game, and a special spot in history.

The only highlight was the fans booing, and Peyton Manning keeping his helmet on while he sat on the bench as he was forced to watch history being unmade. Well… Except the Colts probably became the first 14-1 team to be booed off it’s home field.

I suspect Manning kept his helmet on because he could not get it around the thought of losing for not trying.

Indianapolis coach Jim Caldwell and owner Bill Polian flat-out did the wrong thing when they pulled all of their starters in the 3rd quarter against a New York Jets team that will now make the play-offs via what should be an asterisk. But, the Colt’s players stood by leadership with company lines of unenthusiastic support. They lied. That some how makes it worse. These players wanted history. They worked for it. They earned it. You should always follow your coach or commander. But, you trust them to make the right decision. The underpinnings of those decisions must be made with integrity. And, it’s pure betrayal when any coach orders athletes to turn and run. Especially if you are a professional and playing in a storied stadium full of people who paid to watch their team try to win.

Going 14-1 in the NFL is off-the-charts incredible. But, that aura becomes tarnish when you quit for no good reason. And, “business” is meant to be transcended by sport. Good sport(s) any way.

I’m an athlete. And, I coach young athletes. I like to win.

Winning is not everything. But, it’s vitally important.

You (that collective you, or we, mind you) have to always try your best.

That’s the rule.

No other rule, ultimately, matters – other than fair-play. And, quitting is probably worse than cheating.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork