I’m moving from being pleased to being satisfied.

You can read about that in some detail, mind you here: being pleased or being satisfied.

Joanne and the girls are thriving. Haley Anne and Emma Jo are both “main-streamed” and in public school (quite an eye-opener for all of us). We’ve had to endure an epic drainage-oriented story with the house. But, our united sense of humor remains intact. The soccer season was quite successful with both the teams I coach realizing league championships (http://shockers.wordpress.com/). It looks like I’ll be climbing Mount Rainier this June. So, training for that has begun in earnest (albeit with some reservations – and, a lot of push-back from Joanne)

We had a remarkably robust year where many of my theories of and around business were both sorely tested, and ultimately proven. So, I am feeling very good about 2010. The newest version of our website should go live in two weeks as we wrap-up video testimonials. I’ve gotten involved with several universities around centers for innovation and entrepreneurship. And, the Accelerator has exceeded all expectations, thus far. We are now looking for 10,000sf for phase II.

Balanced, while on edge, might be a good summary.

If you are reading this, and many of you do; thanks for being part of my life.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork