I just had a young black fellow stroll into my offices.

This is a bit unusual. For one thing, this is Alpharetta. And, for the sake of perspective, a CFO for a local fortune 500 hundred company that I’m working with over some search and recruiting criteria likely passed him in the lobby outside the door.

I’m working fast and furious to help a coaching client tie together a few last details over his life-changing acquisition.

My visitor, with his baggy jeans, tilted cap and bling carefully advised me that he’d tried to stop by a few times: “just to see what’s going on”.

For only a moment, I thought about being irritated. Then a thought struck me: “A word of love can make a world of difference”.

So, I told him a little bit about myself and our business. He kept looking at my business card and asked me: “What is it like to be so important”?

My client was standing next to me, slapped my shoulder, and offered: “Cork will tell you it’s not about him, it’s about what he does”.

He certainly had me there.

So… I told the young fellow to go think about what he wants to do, and whom might need him. I want him to think about ways he could make those two things intersect in a  meaningful way. If he showed back up at my offices having put some effort into a form of plan – at least some thoughts, I grimly advised him that I would consider walking with him awhile.

His smile practically lit up the room. He reared himself up, and grabbed my hand, thanking me profusely. As he left, he was full of strut and purpose.

I sure hope I see that fellow again. And, I hope God gives me the ability to make a difference in his life.

More later, I’ll both hope, and to be sure.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork