Analysts and pundits are abuzz.

Apple stock is making yet another move. And, for good reason.

I’ll addrress the rumors, here, now.

The hell with that Macberry.

Apple gave me an offer I’d dare not refuse. Consistent readers of this Blog have ably followed the epic story-line whereby AT&T, combined with a faulty radio antennae in the iPhone, had utterly, failed me.

However, AT&T executives alerted to my departure, rallied first with senior engineers, followed by vastly improved service (look for that story here, on this very Blog, soon). And now Apple, Inc., with a prototype radio, and vastly improved software have, and triumphantly, I should think, raised the technology bar and gathered my attention and continued business.

It’s true… I’m packin’ an iPhone, again.

Peace be to  my Brothers and sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork