Haley Anne is thirteen. Really only just that age.

I’m told all the time this is going to be a rough spell. Those details from, other, eye-rolling parents are, seemingly, meaningless this morning.

Haley Anne hung-out and rode with me yesterday to watch her U16 teammates extend their unbeaten record this season. She plays on the U14 Shockers. They had a good result last night, and are undefeated as well.

That’s all well and fine from a coaches perspective.

But, and so much more importantly, on the way home from the first match, and unsolicited mind-you, during a lull in the light chatter, she hauled-off with an:

“I love you Daddy”.

Damn. That’s rocket fuel for a father. With nothing else that could possibly equal that moment, it was now destined to be a perfect day.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sister.

Brian Patrick Cork