…furious resolve.

‘It proposes that our identity is tied to our path, but that ultimately both are what we make of them; we are who we choose to be. We must simply,and purposefully, I say, force the choice.

The resolve of being is in knowing your identity, your destiny, and embracing it with every ounce of yourself, holding back nothing, but placing the good and the bad in it with equal investment.

It means not fighting the future. And often, in the end, it can mean accepting the end of things’.

After all, there could be no phoenix without a fall.

I turned naught but forty nine yesterday. The winds of change howl and blow stiffly through these times. But, I’ll need greater days ahead, yet.

Are you with me! Dare we be Prudent Gentlemen, and a hardy and ferocious crew in that?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork