A few points (observe as I over use the that word in this post to make my own point).

So… Mr. Glenn Beck is a bit everywhere with one of his most recent diatribes.

You’re either a fan of his, or not. Me? I am sometimes, and sometimes, I’m not.

In any event, here (well… below actually. You’ll need to watch the bloody video. Do it!), according to Beck, apparently when you turn away from God and religion, you put your hope and trust in Barack Obama instead:

“They fill the void with stuff”.

But, he does make, perhaps, one good point. We can’t pray in our public schools (In fact we can’t do much of anything to include enforce physical fitness, competitive grades and drivers education). But, evidently it’s okay to idoltarize idolize Barack Obama.

He also says, but I don’t think he succeeds in making the point, that the United States became a powerful country because we “…acknowledged God…” (unlike, you know, all those other countries), and now it will decline as people turn into evil atheists.

The ramifications could be sinister.

That’s likely a point to ponder.

Meanwhile… I’m hip with God. But, I suspect he’s just watching all this with amusement, and his arm is around Charles Darwin’s shoulders. And, you should wonder, at whom they might point. Natural Selection should be taught in the schools, and it can also be demonstrated and proven there as well.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork