I’ll begin this post by making it clear, front-and-center, that I don’t expect anything from God.

He’s already given me a fighting chance with that special gift of discernment. And, since many of you follow this Blog more often than not, you know my thoughts and gratitude for that.

And, considering just how big I suspect God is, I don’t see any point in offering up naught but unconditional love – anyway.

“P.S. Jesus is his own Dad.”

What happens if we find out God prefers that we stop focusing on the rules imposed by a particular religion, and work towards having a direct relationship with Him? Perhaps it’s Jesus (or, his promoters, are a more likely choice) that should be a bit more noble (his sacrifice /1, notwithstanding). And, by the way… As I have discussed on this Blog before (Christian Ambiguity Part II and Faith + Evidence = integrity, for example), I try, daily, to do good in this world with the idea an uncertain result might be it’s own reward. I hope that reflects and represents courage, in some form.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ A reminder that, as a Heterodox, I don’t see the point in arguing against Jesus walking the earth. We can see daily that he makes a difference, still. But, I don’t know if he rose from the dead. If I did know, it would make life simpler, wouldn’t it? But, it would also require less courage on my part.