Obviously this video (or, “Vblog”), it’s production, and objectives, are somewhat, contrived. In my opinion, the whole some grey bloke collection is rather creative (and, admittedly, some times rude, in it’s hardly unique British way).

However, some times it’s alternative methods of delivery that just might help us make an extreme point.

A corollary (me thinks):

Have you ever been dumbfounded by zealous evangelical Christian rhetoric when you were simply seeking (what the Bible seems to imply is important) answers to beginners questions?

I have been picking on the besieged Democrats (you might possibly read: democrats and FAT farms, for example) quite a bit recently, so I need to balance things out a bit here.

Meanwhile, if you have a moment, listen to Grace by Jeff Buckley. It has naught to do with this post (or, it just might). But, why not? Then, finish your day, in a contemplative manner with his moving Hallelujah:

“it’s not somebody who’s seen the light”.

The difference between those ubiquitous tunes is quite stark, if you know how to look; black and white, if you will.

And… As we circle back to my attempts at making something of a point here, I offer the carefully measured consideration that we all come to conclusions in many a varied pace and path. I suppose it’s often what light might be available to see the path.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork