I’ve decided to carefully reconsider the way I go after Barack Obama in this Blog.

He is my Commander-in-Chief. He needs support. And tearing at him in a public forum that gets so much attention is starting to feel unfair. I have started to see him as helpless. That comes damn near frightening for me.

So, at least for the moment, here are some thoughts, that I hope might help, on how I see Obama’s style and participatory role in this country as a leader. The catalyst for this was a simple comment on an earlier post from my friend Drew Tilghman.

[In this case, certainly,] we need Obama to invest in the Constitution and a genuine plan. I observe him and recognize a mistake I see many first time managers, CEO’s, leaders (etc) make – they are unfamiliar with outlining a plan, rallying the appropriate resources around it, and execution.

continental congressThis brings into light one of the original intents of the Continental Congress (ultimately evolving into the United States Congress) – which was to outline a plan for the development and growth of the colonies towards becoming a country. Individual leaders served in various capacities at the pleasure of the Congress (General Washington, for example). This is what modern CEO’s do; report to the Board of Directors and execute a plan outlined (in theory) by a body of experienced citizens founded in common goals for the benefit of shareholders (under this example, U.S. Citizens are the shareholders Obama is supposed to serve).

Obama has virtually no experience doing anything. And, he seems more intent on making a point as opposed to making progress. I am now more concerned than ever that he will find himself more and more at odds with the House and Senate (even his own party) as he fails to identify battles he can win that are any good for the country.

Mr. President, you promised us “change”. But the first thing that needs to change is you and your methods.

There be truth and light in these words. And, I am hopeful Obama’s staff, and others around him consider their simplicity and directness as naught less than a call to action.

This prudent and optimistic gentleman is watching.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork