Haley Anne asked me recently what the difference between the Christian, Jewish and Muslim God(s) might me.

I told her, and honestly so, that I believed they might just be one and the same God.


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She trusts me, and absolutely, I might add. But, she went a little quiet because she sees evidence to the contrary in the actions of Man

But, this also gave me a terrific opportunity to discuss the greatest gift that God has given us (besides briliant and true daughters) is discernment.

The animated cartoon (well… It’s supposed to be animated, and thus, perhaps, more effective. So, click on the cartoon to activate it – but, then you have to browse back to this post) featured in this post has no point, really. But, the punchline is the stark reality that the joke appears to be on man-kind.

I suspect, it’s in my heart, actually, that we share the same God. And, I understand my philosophy is sophomoric in it’s very nature.

But, Haley Anne will read this sooner than later – and, in time Emma Jo will follow, with others of different generations and seasons of life as well.

It’s our interpretation of what we think God wants. Or, worse, it’s us projecting our own wants and needs onto a huge God that likely views it all as something of a petri dish.

So, with her head on my shoulder and me stroking her hair, I try to make Haley Anne understand that if we use that discernment God gives us, it’s always an opportunity to represent and reflect what we want for ourselves in the way we see and treat others.

It’s a little lesson; but, a big moment between a father and daughter, and a world of choices.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork