Lately, I get the sense that Obama has confused leadership with salesmanship.

Leaders aren’t salesmen because leaders aren’t sellers. I believe they are buyers. They buy into shared interests, instead of selling out to conflicting requirements.

In a way (possibly by way of ancient Greece), that was the point of Arthur Miller’s play: Death of a Salesman.

death of a salesmanthe worthy protagonist, Willy Loman, ended up broke, alone, and defeated because he couldn’t lead anyone, anywhere, to anything – because he was too busy selling.

Instead of buying in, Willy was selling out.

Sound familiar?

It should.

Striking deals that are riddled with pervasive conflicts of interest has become a hallmark of Obama’s version of Presidency.

If Dr. Pappas at Radford University reads this post (his crafty disdain for computers nonetheless), he would gleefully recognize Aristotle’s hand in all of it and mutter “Hamantia – and with both fists raised. Yes, he certainly might.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork