[run-on sentence alert]

It’s only an observation, albeit backed by the strong likelihood of statistical reality, that Democrats seek FAT government posts, and then help friends and family secure others – and, then make people that actually work for a living (i.e. entrepreneurs) pay higher taxes to cover government salaries (and those outrageous benefits) and broad “economic programs” unintelligently designed to promote socialist undertones in our society.

Congressman Crangel (D - NY) Livin' Large

Congressman Crangel (D - NY) Livin' Large

Here is a corollary to ponder:

Certainly you have been frustrated by a wide variety of government workers that stand there and blink at you when asked for help. You get a similar response (blinking uncertainly) from unwed mothers of five when you suggest they consider working for a living (as opposed to producing more democrats).

It’s all teeth-gnashingly bloody brilliant if planned and executed by the “enemy” – whomever “they” are.  Ask that smoking rabbit. I’m not going to do it.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork