Cirque du Soleil is an industry unto itself.

And, from a cultural architect’s perspective, I am fascinated that, according to our family accountant, the show, since 1990, is recession-proof.

Also, my own personal history with “the company” goes back to my early days in Los Angeles working for the Le Grand Tour du Cirque du Soleil at the 1987 Los Angeles Arts Festival (there were tights involved – and, all the rumors are mostly true).

So… I was quite pleased when promotors of the new show selected this Blog to announce, discuss and track the build-up around the new Cirque du Soleil show, currently code named vaudeville, that is currently rehearsing, and will premiere in Chicago at the Chicago Theatre November 19th, 2009.

cirque_vaudevilleYou will learn, and first see evidence of it here, that Cirque du Soleil is preparing a major new proscenium (hint) – style show under the direction of David Shiner (“Kooza”) and written by Larry O’Keefe (“Bat Boy” and “Legally Blonde”).

The choreographer is Jared Grimes, known for his tap and hip-hop work. That makes this show, decidedly, different from it’s predecessors.

Admittedly, none of this is particularly new information.

Okay… So, the proscenium and dance elements just might be news.

However… Each week, I will be posting a “sneak-a-peek” (this is what occurs when you attempt to literally translate something Quebec-French into English) behind the scenes running story of this brand new genre for Cirque du Soleil. From the arrival of the artists in Montreal until its premiere at The Chicago Theatre.

It’s all rather exciting, really. Possibly thrilling. And, I will be there, in Chicago, come November, for that first show.

Meanwhile, and this very weekend, I will begin to share with you (some times) exclusive, news, pictures and behind-the-scenes video footage!

First up – A New Twist on Vaudeville, a brand new genre for Cirque du Soleil:

You can learn more – but, only if you dare, by visiting the official Cirque du Soleil website at:

…and, here, for a better understanding of how Blogs, like this very example, and social media, in general, are now playing a vital role in this exciting event.

More later. Beg, if you will.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork