I once, and only once, pondered my own mortality (I also once lived vicariously through myself. But this, is yet, another interesting story). But, that was much too limiting. So, I discarded such a barren and also bleak notion. How could the world endure such daunting misery plagued with the absence of a man such as myself?

Each and every day can represent it’s own Kobayashi Maru. Certainly we face the extreme moments when a situation looks nothing less than impossible and, even more so, desperate. But, we punch through, And, some how, almost regardless the result, the effort creates something – any thing, better.

It makes ever so much more sense to live the fruitful life. And, if we can’t live forever in the mortal flesh, then each day; all of them, should be designed to create naught but the most lasting, enduring and meaningful legacy.

Oh… And, coaching youth soccer (girls in particular) keeps all of this in perspective.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork