I won’t end here. Possibly, it begins here. A rage of debate, hidden beyond the comments section of that post would certainly suggest so. And, where, my point begins it’s journey.

It can be easy, possibly preferred, to forget how dark the darkness, the bleakness of fear, can be.

And, we often forget, too, it’s terrible smell, like the stench of rats, the odor of suffering.

Fear is the mind killer, seated deeply in the unknown. Dread freezes our heart.

Don’t read too much into this post reader. Or, dare to do so. It might just mean shedding light on the self, the untried, the untested, a weakness.

This is an exercise in assigning words that might read pretty to a feeling that is ugly. To recognize what we don’t like, so that it can be replaced with what we want or dare hope for.

Discernment? A replacement for ignorance?

And, this is a reminder, or perhaps a hopeful lesson that, if and when, we steel ourselves to face our fears – be they great or small, and take a leap (possibly of faith), a step, a chance… Trying never represents the Kobayashi Maru. We can emerge from the experience in a new light, outside the gloom of uncertainty that is the torrid companion of fear, and know, then, what we are made of.

Peace be to  my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork