We’ve seen President Barack Obama in action for a bit more than six months.

Now you see what I meant by “Obamacracy”.

What we can say with confidence, now that we have the evidence of his actions, is that had he based his campaign platform on the following actions that summarize his administration to day, Obama would not only have lost the election, he would have received fewer votes than the hapless Thomas Dewey in the 1948 General Election.

Obama Administration Highlights – First Six Months:

(a) transforming the U.S. economy by massive federal government intervention;

(b) taking an owner’s stake in the automobile industry;

(c) transforming the rules of America’s energy economy; and,

(d) instituting a (socialized) national health-care system.

Never mind the, now waning, financial crisis debacle meltdown because that was not initiated on his watch.

It doesn’t matter that Dewey was so far ahead of Truman that George Gallop stopped polling people in October. Dewey just quit campaigning while Truman ran the finest campaign in American history. Obama would still have lost.

Just for fun I will point out that had Obama played his hand early on, we might have ended up with McCain and Palin. But, McCain would probably have died within the first half his first term and we would have then been stuck with Sarah Palin – and, she is just a quitter.

I keep looking at Al Gore. He has enough business acumen to earn compensated Board seats for mighty corporations. And, he was part of a prior administration that handled foreign policy and economic balance with a kind of flair. And, that team had a notion of what a real Healthcare policy should look like.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork