The last time I spoke with Lance Armstrong he was fit and ready for the Tour de France.

His only concern was the fall he had taken back in March while racing in Spain. And, this mostly because falls haunt riders for a long time, and create tension in the body.

In any event, today finds Lance and his Astana team comfortably in contention for the overall lead in France.

Armstrong is second overall, just a fraction of a second behind leader Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland, and nearly all his rivals are lagging far behind except for teammate Alberto Contador of Spain, who is just 19 seconds back and is regarded as the best climber in the world.

FRANCE TOUR DE FRANCE CYCLINGToday through Monday they are in those treacherous mountains that will break many a riders spirit – if not their bodies. For me, this is where the sport of cycling realizes it’s greatest champions.

I have this feeling; call it 85%, that Lance is going to show the world what an incredible champion he is by helping Contador win the Tour. The other 15% says that Lance and Contador help one another going into the next to last stage where they fight it out man-to-man for the yellow jersey.

The brilliance of this is Lance Armstrong wins either way.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork