A quick note here as I ponder the future of the Republican party in this country.

Sarah Palin has something of a role in-and-amongst all of this.

Her recent press conference recently at her home in Wasilla, Alaska, after her abrupt announcement she will be leaving the Governors office fifteen months early has shed no light on too many questions whatsoever. In fact, Americans now know less than before. Her “speech” has been called (okay – it will, ultimately, be referred to as) one of the worst in recent political history.

Worse, she is now a quitter. Even if she has some muddy idea this means she will have time to prepare to run for the Presidency in 2012 (coincidentally about the time the world is going to end).

palin-resignation-coverageIn any event, instead of explaining herself, she presented a chain of mangled and dangling non-sequitur metaphors and empty platitudes. She might just as well have recited a poem or sung a song; the impact would have been the very same. Given current events, she could have kept silent and simply performed a moonwalk à la Michael Jackson – ironically and sadly, this would have been more effective than her actual speech (and, it might make her seem hip because everyone is currently on the MJ bandwagon).

This isn’t looking very good for the Republicans. It’s downright grim.

If I were a Democrat, I might be pleased. But, no, I am only a patriot that is generally concerned. We might actually be facing a prolonged tour of duty with the “Obamacrats”.

More later. This might even be important, in the general scheme of things.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork