I was having a really tough go of it today. Then this message was left for me in the comments section of the “About Brian Patrick Cork” page of this Blog by professor Hrezo at Radford University:

July 2, 2009 at 11:11 am

Nick Pappas

“Your mention of Nick Pappas came up in a google search I was doing of a completely unrelated topic and so I printed it off and showed the archived mentions to him. He sends you the following in reply. Although he has no computer, the department secretary periodically checks his email for him. – M. Hrezo, Associate Professor

Dear Brian,

You get arete for your thumos! Looking out over my spectacles through memory I can picture your labors in the vineyard of college. I have a piece of delicious fruit to offer you in the form of Michael Polyani’s “The Great Transformation.” It puts economic thinking in its place as part of the pantheon of the science of God and man, world and society. Adam Smith would love it and so will you!


This, of course means the world to me and has entirely made my day. Possibly my entire life is all the more meaningful. I freely admit that I have tears welling in my eyes. If you follow this Blog regularly, you completely understand why. Yes, you certainly do. But, this story called Nick Pappas might, otherwise, help you.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork