This has become my favorite metaphor.

The driving image behind such a notion is, admittedly, dramatic and possibly even chilling.

However, for me, it represents a shift in the game (dance, or, whatever) because it, more importantly, requires a change of the rules themselves. A shift in the paradigm if you must.

Wall Street refers to unfortunate events as a “bear market” – seemingly ominous, dangerous, and beyond the mechanisms of control.

However, perhaps for my meandering point to be best made is referencing the movie The edge, produced in 1997. The story, which fortunately features Anthony Hopkins, and then also Alec Baldwin, explores, through action and intricate dialog, the survival instincts of two very different men in terms of their competition with each other (business and a wife), and with their environment.

In the story, they are confronted by a Kodiak Bear in the wild. It kills one of their comrade’s and then hunts them mercilessly right up to a climatic moment when they are at wits and end and seemingly beyond hope.

You must recall that epiphanic moment when Hopkins’ character, billionaire magazine publisher Charles Morse, concludes:

“We must kill the bear”.

With that simple change of perspective, Charles goes from a reactive state to being proactive, and takes control of his destiny.

The movie is old enough where I feel no guilt revealing that Charles, does, indeed, kill that bear. He also realizes delicious irony drenched in karma as life mows down the Alec Baldwin character, and Charles realizes himself in the eyes of his wife.

My Grandad used to say:

“Sometimes them bears get big fast. You best be ready”.

Peace be to my Brother and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork