Funny, in a sad way, how some things have to play-out.

There is that saying – I don’t know if it’s old or not… But, you recognize it as:

“Karma is a bitch”.

I think there is actually more to that saying both in terms of additional words, and deeper meaning. Something to the effect:

“Karma is a bitch. You can some times drink richly from it’s teat, but she also has a vicious bite”.

Imagine Anthony Hopkins drawing that out with his deadpan eyes and wry smile.

I feel in good form, and I use my powers for good. I happen (as luck, or possibly karma would have it) to be in a business where people and what they (we) do must be valued. However, we aren’t always surrounded by people that share those values.

So… Today, more than ever, I am pondering Darwin – but, will consider Machiavelli as well.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork