This (mostly) from, certainly inspired by, Nick:

Readers, as a teller of tales and chronicler of deeds and events (important and otherwise, not necessarily so), it is my duty from time to time to utter some hard and rather disagreeable truths.

There is so much happening that cry’s out for stern commentary!

The nomination of what’s-his-face to the Supreme Court; North Korea making no friends and influencing no one; that guy getting killed by that other guy; wide-spread scandal in the American government; high-level scandals in the British government; mid-level scandals in the State government (don’t get me started on Governor Purdue and the water issues); side-level scandals (as aell as mystery and intrigue) in the the city of Alpharetta City Hall; really boring scandals all around.

…readers, I’m not going to lie (mostly).

What good does it do me if it does no good for others as well?

Will there be consequences? You bet.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork