I am, admittedly, not pretty.

However, I do work very hard to be a beautiful human bean.

I was going to throw a party for “Human Bean Day”, but everyone in my neighborhood is ostensibly suffering through a nasty pet rock (they are, by account, very disciplined – certainly more so than my Rowdy!) influenza epidemic (sounds really awful – I hope the little critters make it). I even told them about my plans for a “gansta” dance-off and a Journey sing along.

But, they just kept squinting at me. I had to go door-to-door because most of them apparently have caller ID.

So, maybe it’s just me.

Today I am actually listening to: Use Somebody as performed by Kings of Leon. But, check out this cover by Lynzie (even though I suspect she is lip-syncing).

All over the map today. But, I like it that way some times. If you don’t like it you can fight me. That is more preferable than kicking your dog, or going to the mall.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork