I will just haul off right away and admit this post is going to be rather confusing at first.

Nevertheless, here we go. Just roll with me.

What is changing my mind?

Several things. But, certainly, God (himself?) remains the catalyst. And, it, the dynamic, continues to be an evolutionary process.

Changed my mind about what?

Religion and it’s relation to faith. Possibly the course of evangelism – just stuff like that.

Over the past several months you have been reading my views on representingreflecting and the open-mind.

I will lay-out several points through the next weeks and remain open to further discussion and experience.

Change, or the process of change, has not necessarily occurred in the order you see these posts. It took many years for me to realize I, and many others, were wrong.

In any event, here are a few reasons I changed my mind.

Part I: Reading as part of research

read widely outside of evangelical Christianity with an open mind. Ironically, I discovered that many Christians don’t have open-minds (we can discuss judgmental later). My own experience of religion-oriented fundamentalists is they are not truly open to new evidence or considering things differently.

To be certain, establishing a foundation of Jeffersonian and/ or Heterodoxal thinking was a critical first step.  So, just reading isn’t good enough – without an open mind, everything confirms only your own beliefs. I decided truth was more important than my current beliefs.

I was warned this was dangerous. It was indeed.

So, God has inspired me to question the fabric of religion and strive for an ever growing sense of faith – and, then my role in the world as an influencer.

More to follow. Oh, yes, there is.

By the way… Just because this is me, you should reasonably expect that I will be distracted by other things and events. So, this particular train of thought will be be disrupted by flashes of (poorly articulated) brilliance that include political diatribes, pictures of my dog, reviews of pointless technology, and the odd recipe.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork