Rowdy is now twelve weeks old, and has become a critical part of the brian cork experience at our offices in Alpharetta.

Rowdy is a Big Boy!

Rowdy is a Big Boy!

Unlike most Rhodesian Ridgbacks (but, certainly like any Cork), he greets all visitors with cautious optimism.

He is projected to hit 85lbs to 95lbs.

He will also bless you with mangled shoe laces or tassels (this reflecting my own disdain for the corporate uniform) with no hint of prejudice for black or brown leather. It should also be noted that he demonstrates nothing short of total dominance over his “boofy” (stuffed German Shepherd, naturally).

Each morning, after his “other business”, he eagerly breaches all portals to gain entry. He then snatches up his boofy for a quick and frantic scouting of the premises before settling in at my feet for a days work (and periodic play at any given opportunity).

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork