I will recount my last visit with Nick Pappas often, and with decided satisfaction, in my own heart in the years to come.

However, I would best be remiss if I denied you his parting gift to me.

I have, in my very possession, a feebly scrawled note on a blue index card, the secret recipe for power muffins.

Get out there and rejoice!

It should be noted that when I returned home from my last (but not my very last) trip to Radford University, I made a batch of these muffins for the girls.

“um, they’re pretty good”.

…offered Haley Anne. This likely meant decidedly not awful.

I will stop pondering her actual parentage at this juncture as, what follows, is that very recipe, forever immortalized in this post.

Each time I taste a muffin, I am reminded of my love for logic, the classics, and a single man, the teacher (ferocious and challenging in his day, he).

Off you go:

One Cup of all Bran;

One Cup of Flour (Brown or White as you prefer);

One “Happy” Egg;

One Tablespoon of Baking Powder;

Dash of Salt;

1/4 Cup of Brown Sugar;

1/4 Cup of Oil; and,

Bake (lovingly – and, with “rapt attention”) at 450 degrees.

Along the bottom of the card he has added:

Main Ingredient – TONS of Chocolate Chips.”

You couldn’t possibly regret it.

Mind you… something was likely left out by that wily rogue (always a test). But what? I don’t know. There’s no certainty.

“Rapture” would say he. Agreed say I.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork