UPDATED – 07-16-2009

Obviously, this post’s inspiration is now moot because we changed themes. But, the following though is, forever, immortalized:



I am enjoying the process of having a Blog that people somehow care about.

BB Webb wants to know why I have chosen this particular template (Andreas09 by Andreas Viklund) for my this Blog.

Why not something more colorful and dramatic?

A tad more azure on your blogsite?  A frame around the photo?  Are you moving toward some more color sir?  I encourage all variety of color on your site and in your life!  Gloom be gone… You are colorful man!  Let go the rainbows! BB


My response, so far:

Its a device for the moment.

Perhaps its the English/ Irish heritage and influence.

But, I want the focus to be on the content – and, NOT necessarily the Blog (template).

I rather like the font and the manner in which the words “look”. Having said that, the template offers a variety of color options. However, having toyed with them, I felt they actually diminished the impact I want to convey.

Interestingly, the current template has influenced my writing style and inspired several of the most recent posts.  The last template made it easy, somehow, to be more playful – lots of Youtube stuff.  Less controversy (however, controversy stimulates me).  To wit… My favorite, for the moment, is “intrigue at the Summit”.  But, something that fascinates me is that the trials and tribulations, as set fourth in the prior two postings, had generated a record number of hits, and as well as an astounding amount of email. And, my own views yesterday around Brian Visaggio’s post about Bernie Madoff demonstrated a similar result.

In the coming months, yet another template might touch my fancy, and redirect my focus.


Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork