I ran today and only the wind was my brother.

However, all that pursue this Blog may rejoice in the knowledge that my hip is feeling fine, and I am running with authority.

No doubt you are wondering what tunes were on my iPod Nano…

Linkin Parks: What I’ve Done and Somewhere I Belong were certainly highlights.

In any event, I had good time for reflection along those dirt roads.

The world remains squarely upon my shoulders as I consider how best to protect my clients from ravaging economic twists, while boldly preparing to launch my own technology company incubator. This will also include the start of our “Brian’s Beans” program. This entails an eighteen month commitment to separate groups of under 35 and under 30 rising stars (more later – but, I guarantee their lives forever changed).

There is much to fuel my enthusiasm this day – and, that run.

But high on the list are:

1. Knowing my girl is with me;
2. Emma Jo’s U7 Power (I am merely the delighted coach) thoroughly dominated “the blue team” in our final match of the (English Football) season; and,
3. The realization it was likely only the wrong shoes that hurt my hip and knee.

I am leaning forward.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork