My IQ puts me in rare company.

However, I get distracted by; and enjoy; and, inexplicably do, the most unusual things…

Go to YouTube and key in “Fred”.

Here are some examples of his work (well “product”)…

“Fred Goes Swimming”

“Fred Loses His Meds”

I think this young fellow might be a genius in his own right. /1

“Fred on CNN”

I also gave my wife sauce pans for our first Christmas.

All of this might make you feel better about yourself, less alone, troubled, and/or worried about me.

But, I am okay.

By the way…  What are your kids looking at on YouTube?

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork

1/ I don’t like Sponge Bob Square Pants (or, any thing related to similar abominations).

NOTE: I have reason to believe that “Fred” is not really six years old.