18°92′N 103°88′W, about 50 km south of the city of Colima.

Cork off Pasquale

Cork off Pasquale

I offer these coordinates to one of the best surfing spots in North America. But, imagine me drawing a line in the sand. I know most anyone that reads this will never find the spot.

Few live their lives our way.

Boca de Pascuales on the coast of the State of Colima is a surfers dream; or, nightmare.  A river mouth beach break with some of the biggest, hollowest, fastest tubes in Mexico.  The waves break both right and left with enormous power.

Sunday and Monday we had only 8 people in the water – and, one board was broken.  The faces are 20 feet and up with lips 2 – 3 feet thick.  There are stories, shared around icey cold Modelo Especial’s, around Pascuales (spoken reverently) of “around the corner tubes”; waves so deep you can’t see daylight.

The break is not far offshore – only about 50 to 100 yards. A short paddle; but, the 8 to 10 foot walls of whitewater can be formidable.

WARNING: Don’t try to surf this spot if you are inexperienced or out of shape.  Surfing Pascuales unprepared may be hazardous to your health.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork