We are living in a unique era.

We’ve done so well with our technological development that we have created the capacity to destroy the physical base of our society and imperil our survival.

Consider Jeffrey Sach’s bestseller (2005) The End of Poverty. The book lays out a blueprint for eliminating extreme impoverishment. It also made Sach, who is an economist based out of Columbia University, a favorite with the intellectual celebrity, and made African development a hot topic.

If you ask my eleven year old – Haley Anne, it’s all quite simple and straightforward. /1

We should aim to stabilize the population, switch to sustainable energy technologies, and negotiate new global agreements.

So… Another good Sach book is Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet. Here Sachs rolls out solutions to a few of the earth’s other nagging issues – from environmental destruction to overpopulation.

I believe that fear is the biggest danger we face. When you are afraid, you are on the defensive – or, in a preemptive offense. But, you are not in an understanding mode of thinking. Travel, and experiencing diverse cultures, is a powerful way to overcome that fear.

Since this is a dramatic issue, let’s think in terms of colorful imagery… Ending extreme poverty is like scaling a mountain. When you get to the top, you see that there is a chain of mountains beyond and into the distance. Perhaps Common Wealth is a piece of the map to get us across.

Therefore, Haley Anne and I have a series of trips planned over the next few years. For example we are off to Washington, DC this weekend to visit the Smithsonian and Museum of Natural History. We will also meet with a Congressman and senator that I consult to so she can hear their views on the economy, ecology and our countries participation in the solution.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork
1/ This is, of course, my paraphrasing of a recent conversation with her.