There are essentially two separate kinds of networking.  One is social, and, the other is business.

The focus of this particular Blog entry is business networking.

There is always the temptation to introduce people and think you are doing them both a favor. But, often, you are not.  Starbucks is always congested with people wondering why they are meeting the person they are sitting with.

For the purpose of business and commerce, the purpose of introductions is to connect two or more people that can clearly advance the options and abilities of the other(s).  Or, you are asking one person to help another in a very specific way.  Then, as the connector, you now have an express obligation to follow up and make sure both parties did what you expected of them.

As a direct result, a clearly stated agenda and objective is identified and met.  All parties should benefit and reciprocate equitably.

Lets be art of the solution, and not the problem.

Brian Patrick Cork