We all grew up with certain catch phrases, terms or quotes making a lasting impression in our lives.

Here are some examples of things that people that have played pivotal roles in my own life have said and, as a direct result, changed me, and the course of my life, in a meaningful way…

1. “You could drop Brian into a Nebraska corn field and two weeks later he would own the farm.”
Who said it: Clifford Cork, Sr. My Grandfather.

2. “It’s what you don’t see that will always kill you.”
Who said it: Gunnery Sergeant Tilson, United States Army Rangers

3. “As I get older my Dad gets smarter.”
Who said it: Lots of dudes.

4. “Follow your dreams and be true to your friends.”
Who said it: David Sugarman, one of my best mentors.

5. “Be part of the solution, not the problem.”
Who said it: Chuck Schmidt, Battalion Chief with Lousiville Volunteer Fire Department.

6. “Happy wife, Happy Life.”
Who said it: Clifford Cork, Sr. and Sonny Newton at Chick-fil-A

7. “Just be a Love Kat.”
Who said it: Tim Sanders

8. “If you are going to give someone a ‘piece of your mind’, make sure it goes with a chunk of your heart.”
Who said it: Brian Patrick Cork

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters.

Brian Patrick Cork