So… Many of you often hear me say:

“Happy Wife, Happy Life”.

I say it. I coach it. I try to live it every day.


Joanne has started a small business called Little Miss Parties. It’s not really a unique concept. But, the extra touches she offers around special parties for girls who want to be “princesses” – and, have a “real” princess visit them for their Birthday are exceptional. Joanne was trying to help Amber, a young friend of ours earn some extra money. So, Joanne bought a gown and had it fitted for Amber and put together a fairly comprehensive program guaranteed to thrill little princesses. The plan was to hand the business over to Amber once it had traction, and retain an interest in the business as an investor and advisor. Joanne beta-tested the program with our youngest daughter Emma Jo for her 5th Birthday. Amber made her debute as Cinderella. – She was terrific; Emma Jo was thrilled; and, the other Mothers were blown away.

Joanne puts her heart into everything she does, and everyone around her.

In any event, Joanne needed to meet with Amber this afternoon to brief her over a party for next week. They usually meet at the Atlanta Bread Company off Windward Parkway. But, the store closed recently and, unbenownst to me, they decided to meet at “my” Starbucks off Bethany Road near our home in Alpharetta. This meant I got to hang out with Haley Anne and Emma Jo while Joanne visited with Amber. Haley Anne decided she wanted to visit SBUX – so off we went in [warning self indulgent bragging coming up here] my new BMW M6 (check out this video).

As we prepared to pull into the parking lot at SBUX we spotted Joanne’s Porsche and joked about ignoring her when we walked in. But, as we approached the door Joanne came rushing up to us clearly annoyed (at me). “Why did you come here”? she snapped at me. “What are you thinking”? she adds. “Emma Jo will recognize Cinderella! (Amber in jeans, sandals and a pony tail!)” “You need to turn around now”.


I could tell she was upset.

NOTE: In case you were wondering, Emma Jo was right there. But, God had her distracted and deciphering a flyer taped to the glass next to the door.

So, in my own infinite wisdom I squared my shoulders and said: “Don’t be silly”. And, added “This is stupid” for good measure.

On top of the endless man hours she has sunk into this venture; a sincere desire to maintain the princess mystique for Emma Jo; and, the fact that she is currently suffering with vertigo, Joanne was making a stand and a point.

To some this may seem trivial and obvious.

To others, I am (correctly) an idiot.

I really do love and adore my wife. And, I admire her.

But, I hurt her today.

Of course, I have already apologized three times since we all got home.

However, this was one of those important mistakes, and there is a cost here.

One day I will be dust, and at best, a vague memory (possibly a reference on Wikipedia). But, this Blog entry may be around the internet for a long time.

I hope Joanne reads this one day and understands how much this event bothers me as well. I had a great chance to slap my forehead; acknowledge she was right; and, beat a hasty retreat to Home Depot.

I really love you Jo. I am more sorry than you can know.