Here is a terrific example of generational lexicon and ever-widening communication schisms.

NOTE: It can be persuasively argued that “hooking up” today means a casual sexual encounter /1. So, this can be a problem from a legitimate business perspective.

Here is an extreme example… Our recruiting company recently presented a candidate to Google for an Quality Assurance Director level position. The candidate was 45 year old male and was progressing well through the typical Google gauntlet interview process. But, when he attempted to confirm a meeting with a female manager who happened to be 32 years old, the candidate suggested that they “hook up” off campus. This was completely innocent. But, a generation schism occurred and the female manager (who is actually very bright) was offended. Although she understood the situation for what it was, she quickly came to the conclusion that the candidate would not be a cultural fit at Google.

So… My opinion is that it’s best to say “lets connect” if you want to meet with someone (especially if you are within hearing distance of someone 35 years of age or younger).

It gets close to home…

I am the father of two incredible daughters that hang on my every word. In the next several years their “language” will evolve some what different to what I might understand (we obviously saw this with our own parents). I need to be careful never to say that I am going to “hook up” with anyone for fear of sending the wrong message to my “Lady Bugs”.

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ “Unhooked”, a book by Washington Post Columnist Laura Sessions Stepp