I have been asked a good number of times this week why I am getting so bold (okay, and opinionated) in some of my Blog entries.

Consider this…

In 1994 I found myself trapped with my fire team /1 in the basement of a house that was going to burn to the ground.

The alarm on the air bottle of one of my guys started to sound off and I caught myself thinking:

“is this really it; why the $#@% am I here”?

Through the magnificent din of the moaning fire; our Fire Chief screaming in my headset; and, my own heart pounding, I clearly heard a voice quietly say:

“you are needed” /2.

Later, a different Battalion Chief, reminded us all to be:

“Part of the Solution and not the Problem”.

This was unrelated to the basement adventure. But, it has inspired me in business and life and driven my passion and heart towards every thing I do ever sense.

So, if I take the notion that I really am a “Cultural Architect” – and, the meaning of that evolves daily for me, I need to motivate people and inspire them to action daily. I must be bold and fearless in my views. And, willing to defend them each and every hour. If you care, you let people know – with every action you take.

I raise my hand every day because I really do want to help.

You gotta be a “Love Kat”.

Peace be to my Brothers and Sisters

Brian Patrick Cork

1/ From 1993 to 1998 I served on the Louisville Volunteer Fire Department in Colorado.

2/ Okay… It might have been saying “you are stupid”, but that would be less dramatic and impactful – and, my life might be VERY different today.