I was recently named by Catalyst Magazine as a Top 25 Entrepreneur here in the southeast.

I am getting a lot of questions around what it means to be an entrepreneur. And, some recent articles I wrote on “Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and them Corporate Fellas” are getting a lot of circulation.

The people at the Wall Street Journal asked me to come up with a good sports analogy in 30 seconds or less… So, even though I favor the elegant game of Lacrosse, I came up with an analogy around Football. It goes something like this…

Kick Returners /1 are Entrepreneurs; Wide Receivers are Intrapreneurs; and, Defensive Units are them Corporate Fellas.

Lets be part of the Solution, not the Problem.

Brian Patrick Cork

/1 There is, of course, and argument here for Field Goal Kickers as well.