Starting this Monday the 23rd, the Democratic Party is hosting a major national debate featuring all of the party’s leading contenders for the presidency at the Citadel in Charleston, S.C..

Imagine: A US presidential debate (with genuine General Election implications) involving a woman (Hilary Clinton, Democratic Senator, NY) and a black man (Barack Obama, Democratic Senator, IL) – only 80-plus years after US women were extended the voting franchise, and given the fact that right now there are people living in the United States of America whose grandparents conceivably could have been – or, for that matter, owned – slaves.

Is it irony – or, maybe just an interesting footnote, that the last time the Democrats put on anything important in Charleston — the 1860 National Democratic Party Convention — they ended up without a nominee for president, which in turn led to the election of the first Republican candidate ever (Abraham Lincoln), and the American Civil War.

I am sure Tommy the Tour Guy/1 would agree that was a disaster for Charleston. Note: Lincoln himself called the divisive convention “The Charleston Fandango.”

Peace to my Brothers and Sisters

Brian Patrick Cork


1/ My wife Joanne and I believe this is the best walking tour of Charleston.